Big Red - Clore Story about the power of the Booster PAC ES5000I help out at a farm in Massachusetts, and we have many rather aged tractors that sometimes need help to get started. I was introduced to the Booster PAC ES5000 early on, and it has made the difference between working and not working.

One of my main tractors that I use is an old International with a six cylinder diesel engine.  Due to problems with the charging system, the batteries are flat all the time. Over the last three years that Booster PAC has been the main “battery” for that tractor, and I use it all the time to start it up.

This year for Christmas my son decided to buy me a Booster PAC of my own and told me to go find one.  The one I looked for is the one with enough power to get that big tractor running–I have a shiny new ES5000!

George Castonguay