Any shop environment that finds themselves testing many batteries of different types and sizes will benefit from Model CT800, an 800 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester, from Christie.

The CT800 offers rugged, reliable testing capabilities for heavy use battery service environments, providing continuous duty battery testing for 6 and 12 Volt batteries with variable load capacity from 0-800 amps.

The CT800’s dual carbon pile stacks are designed to provide a sustained load with balanced control.  It enables assessment of batteries to 1600 CCA and features temperature adjustment from 0˚ to 125˚ F, to ensure an accurate reading in any temperature condition.  Large gauges provide test results in simple pass/fail zones, eliminating the need for the operator to interpret test readings.

Like all Christie battery testers, the CT800 features rugged construction and robust components for a long service life.  Its acid-proof cabinet and vinyl coated clamps ensure industrial-grade durability in even the harshest of shop and fleet maintenance environments.

Rugged, Reliable Assessment… The CT800 from Christie.