Back On The Water - A Clore Story

We were looking for a jump starter in general. Size was not that important for us in the first place, more the performance aspects of a unit. However, in the process of buying a small boat, size and weight suddenly mattered.

After reading mainly positive reviews on different websites, forums and blogs about the  JNC300XL, we decided to purchase one of those units to see if it works as well as said.

We liked the size and simplicity right away, we charged and maintained the unit exactly as described and went shopping for a boat.

We found a small one; we were told the battery was about 4 to 5 years old. In addition, the battery was too small for the big engine the boat had.

On several occasions, especially when warm, we drained the battery after only 5 or 6 starting attempts.

The JNC300XL Ultra-Portable Jump Starter fit easily behind the rear seat on the boat. We took it out a few times during the day to give our large 6-cylinder outboard a jump. The JNC300XL performed excellently and got us started every single time.

It gives us peace of mind having this unit on our boat. You can pull over on the side of the street, but not with a boat. We know that we can get the motor running and make it back safe to shore, thanks to the JNC300XL.


This is My Clore Story

Rick Masters