“I am a mobile tech here in the southeast and batteries take a beating with the changing seasons and high humidity! For the longest time, when I had to jump a weak battery, I would bring out the heavy duty jumper cables and park my truck as close as possible to the customer’s car. It is annoying and a time killer. Not to mention… jumper cables look unprofessional out in the field!

Well, this year, I bought the JNC660 and it made my life so much easier and organized. No more untangling jumper cables and finding a place to store them in my truck! This jump box almost completes my business and I am thankful it is so easy to use! Thank you Clore for making a great lineup of jump starters!“

Rock Hill, SC

2 thoughts on “Organized Jump Starting”

  1. I was in the market for a jump box and with many to choose from i bought the JNC 660 i bought from Clore Automotive. What sold me was an article on its warranty. What i did not expect was emails from Clore Automotive advising me to recharge my jump box. Never before have i purchased such a quality item or had Superior follow up service like i do from Clore Automotive! And i did not mention that Clore’s pricing was above ALL of the rest. My advice to everyone is if you don’t buy the JNC 660 from Clore Automotive your wasting money. I have bought many jump boxes from top mobile tool vendors and ended up with pure crap. I bought my JNC 660 4 years ago and have had NO issues with it or its performance at all.

    1. Johnny – Thanks for sharing your story. We appreciate you kind words and endorsement of our products. We are glad you have had a great experience with your JNC660. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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