“I have been using my trusty JNC660 for the last 12 years. It all started in Boston. As a poor medical student, I was driving a 17 year old car on its last legs. I had it parked in an alleyway spot for several weeks before winter and when I tried to start it, it was totally dead.

Come to find, after I opened the hood, that a rat had climbed in from underneath and made a nest in the engine bed (including McDonalds bbq sauce packets for snacks!). I scared him off, but there were a couple of wires chewed. Had it looked at and was told there was no significant damage and the car was fine.

However, the troubles had just begun. For unclear reasons, the car developed some electrical parasitic draw and, unless I disconnected the battery, it would be dead the next day. I got a JNC660 and my life was changed forever. I was no longer worried about getting stuck or waiting for AAA to come rescue me.

Unfortunately, the leak got worse to the point that I was using the JNC to start the car EVERY time. I must have used it hundreds of times to start it. Made going on dates a real drag! Needless to say, I eventually got rid of the car and got a newer one.

Never had a problem until about 9 years later. After my daughter was born, when we were trying to leave the hospital, battery suddenly dead and we were stranded. JNC660 took care of it again. Will always keep it in my trunk and just got another for my wife’s car.

Thanks for a great product…if you can make it with a rat trap would be even better…”

Rockville, Maryland

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2 thoughts on “A Life of JNC Jumps”

  1. I had just started using the JNC660, I sure am glad tow operator told me about it. My wife was sick (cold) for a little over a week, so after seven days, tried to start her car. Yep,no start. Called for a jump operator had a JNC660. Kicked right over said go out and buy one, will save you a few bucks on a jump. So I did. Well, about two weeks after a bought the 660, her car would not start. Used the 660 and bingo, car started 1,2,3. Then I took to shop and had a new battery put in. Now my neighbors ask to use it. I am sure glad I bought, not only for me but my neighbors also. Thank You the JNC660 is priceless

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