“In September 2014, my car battery died. I had good quality jumper cables in the trunk and managed to find a gentleman to provide a running truck whose battery I jumped my car from. I immediately drove to my mechanic and had him install a new battery in the car.

I was not comfortable with the thought of possibly being stranded, so I researched purchasing a jump pack and ended up buying a Booster PAC ES5000.

When I bought the ES5000, She Who Must Be Obeyed inquired why I was carrying a jump pack in the car. I explained that I was concerned that if a future battery problem left me stranded and I had no means of self-rescue, I ran the risk of being abducted. She rolled her eyes and said you can only hope to be abducted.

I have used this Booster PAC to twice start my own vehicles, plus 2 vehicles of strangers. Today, my wife took our dog to the vet and called me from our vet’s office to inform me that the vet was unable to start one of her service trucks. She wanted to know if I thought my ES5000 might start the vet’s truck. I said that it was worth a try and that I would drive to the vet’s office.

When I arrived at the vet’s office, there was a full-size pickup truck hooked up with jumper cables, yet the vet’s truck would still not start. I pulled my ES5000 out of the car, connected it up to the vet’s battery and her truck started up instantly, without the usual slow turning over of a marginal battery sound.

The man who owned the truck used to try to start the vet’s truck was stunned at how quick my Booster PAC started the dead battery. He was even more impressed when I informed him that this particular ES5000 was over 5 years old and had not failed to start any vehicle that it had been hooked up to.

If this ES5000 eventually runs out of ability to start dead batteries, I will immediately purchase another ES5000. I really believe that this model and brand are worth the investment for peace of mind when on the road. I recommend this product based upon my actual experience using it, in the wild as it were, without any reservations whatsoever.”

Belchertown, MA

5 thoughts on “Booster PAC Wows the Crowd”

  1. I jump started 6 trucks one after the other in minus 36degees. Saved everyone’s bacon after celebrating New Years in the far north of Ontario Canada. I have since replace it after 8 years. Bought another goes everywhere truck, boat, ATV and Cessna.

    1. Brad – Thanks for your comment. That’s awesome. Booster PAC has a great following in Canada, that for sure. We’re glad it performed so well for you in those frigid temps. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. Great story! I haul cars for a living and have used the same ES5000 box to start over 200 some-odd vehicles over the last 4 years.. When/if mine does die, I will replace it with the exact same model as well.. I love this thing…

    1. Clark – Thanks for adding to the discussion. We are glad that your ES5000 has performed well for you. Sounds like you have really put it to the test. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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