Designed for permanent mounting in a vehicle, Battery Maintainer Model 1002 from SOLAR provides convenient, automatic 12 Volt charging in a compact unit. It delivers a 1.5 amp charge rate, perfect for maintaining the batteries found in everything from ATVs, waverunners and motorcycles to cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.1002

It comes complete with a hardware kit enablling fixed moutning on the vehicle’s battery and utilizes ring terminal connectors for a permanent connection to the battery. When it is time for battery maintenance, simply connect an extension cord to its short input cable. It’s that easy. No buttons to push or settings to choose. Connect and go – the charger does the rest.

1002-Action-shotPerfect for vehicle owners or fleet operators, Model 1002 will keep batteries in optimal condition until the vehicle is put into use. It is also a great option in extremely cold environments, where its overnight charging capability could mean the difference between a good morning or serious hassles.

Powerful, Versatile, Smart… SOLAR.

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