“I’ve owned the JNC660 for several years now. I’ve used it for the more or less classic application of jump starting both my car and truck when I’ve let them sit too long.

I also use it regularly as a 12 Volt power source for a 15 gallon pump sprayer that I use to spray apple trees in the spring and summer. I mount the sprayer in the back of an electric golf cart and bungee the JNC660 beside it.

Three years ago I was mowing some trails on my property when I shut down my tractor to do some handwork. Unknown to me, the tractor’s alternator belt had loosened and the tractors battery wasn’t charging, so I found myself stranded in the woods about a half mile from my house. Rather than try to set up a jump or a tow from another vehicle, I walked back to my house and grabbed the JNC660. It started my John Deere 4600 with no hesitation and I was back at work.

This past winter I drove my truck on a 5600 mile loop. The main purpose of the trip was to ski at multiple locations in the Rockies. My first stop was Taos, New Mexico and I worked my way north through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Naturally, I was concerned about cold weather and snowy driving conditions, so I packed a lot of “just in case” gear. The first thing on my list of must haves was the JNC660.

In Colorado after a big temperature drop, my truck started flashing warnings about low tire pressure. Rather than driving around trying to find a service station with a compressor, I was able to fill the tires using a portable 12 Volt compressor (also part of my emergency stash) powered by the JNC660.

While staying in Jackson, Wyoming, my friends and I decided to take a day trip into Grand Teton National Park. It was a bitter cold day. When we left our motel, the flashing outdoor thermometer read minus 28 degrees. We drove to the parking lot at Colter Bay Village and there was only one other vehicle there.

It was two local guys planning a couple hours of snowmobiling. But, one of their machines wouldn’t start. They asked if I had jumper cables and I told them I could do one better than that and pulled out the JNC660. You could tell they were skeptical, but even with temps in the minus 20s, their machine started right up. They thanked me profusely and wrote down the make and model of my jump starter so that they could be better prepared in the future before heading out onto Jackson Lake.”

Jim N.
Butler, PA

6 thoughts on “JNC on the Farm and the Road”

  1. I also have the 660 and am amazed at the battery. Seems it never loses voltage. I stick it on charge regularly, but it’s always above 12,4. 3+ years now! I use mine to power my electric cartop boat loader, along with a power source to extend remote rv camping. Wouldn’t leave on a trip without it. Also great for jump starts.

    1. Greg – Thanks for your comment. We are glad that your JNC660 is going strong and serving you well. Sounds like you have found many uses for it. That’s great. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. I have been doing roadside assists since 1980 as a hobby, helping well over 2,000 stranded motorists. I have written a book about it, “Roadside Survival: Low-Tech Solutions to Automobile Breakdowns.” About four years ago I discovered the JNC 660 portable battery. Now, I almost never need to use jumper cables to help a motorist whose battery has failed. JNC 660 is a real winner!

    1. Walt – Thanks for your comment. We’re glad the JNC660 has served you well and made things easier. That’s our goal. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

  3. Hi I have the JNC660 I brought it in 2020 of March never charged it cause it was already charge fully I boosted my new truck 2X my old truck 4x and two other cars so I charged it for 8hrs and the Indicator does not show that it fully charge but when I press the green button it shows that it’s charged do I have a defective battery charger I need some answers quickly please I paid a lot of money for this

    1. Noe – I suggest calling our Tech Service line at 800.328.2921, option #2. They will help diagnose the issue. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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