“JNC660s are probably mostly used to start vehicles, but my need was different. My wife and I were planning a three-week long car trip, but my wife needs medication that has to be constantly refrigerated. Trying to keep it packed in ice wasn’t going to be adequate, so we bought a small 12 Volt refrigerator/freezer to carry in the car.

We could plug the refrigerator in to the car’s electrical system when we were driving, but we planned to be away from the parked car for hours at a time, and I didn’t want to run down the car battery. Our JNC660 worked perfectly to power the refrigerator when we were away from the car. And, we could recharge it every night at a hotel. Problem solved!”

Silver Spring, MD

6 thoughts on “JNC Powers More Than Jump Starts”

  1. Why haven’t you added bluetooth to your chargers, so we can detect if it needs recharging?
    I’m betting, it isn’t that difficult to add, and certainly advantageous to all users.


    1. George – Thanks for your question. I assume you are referring to adding bluetooth to our jump starters. We have looked at this technology, but it would hasten the discharge of the battery, which has caused us to move slowly in this area. There are trade-offs that come with the addition of additional features, as well as added costs. We are studying such additions to ensure we can deliver them and still meet our brand promises for durability and reliability. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Robert – Thanks for your question. Yes, like your vehicle battery, the battery in your jump starter has a finite useful life. The expected lifespan can vary based on a wide variety of factors. When your battery has reached end of life, you can purchase a replacement battery kit for self-installation, your could send you you in for repair under the Repair Service Coupon if your unit came with one and you still have it, or you could send it in for repair for a flat fee. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  2. My hobby, providing free-of-charge roadside assists (well over 2,000), involves using my favorite jumper battery, JNC660, to: 1) Jump start other vehicles, and 2) Power my high capacity 12-v air compressor to reflate tires. The JNC660 will jump start a large diesel with dead battery, and anything less. I’m careful to recharge it after each use, so, after four years’ worth of frequent use, it still works like a champ. For more, check out my website: http://www.roadsidesurvival.com/

    1. Walt – It is great what you do and we are honored that you use the JNC660 to deliver such helpful services to the community. Glad your unit has served you so well. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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