“We bought the JNC660 booster pack because the battery on our 2012 Ford Focus would go dead every once in a while. We later found a new use for it.

We tow the Ford Focus behind a Motorhome. When towing, Ford says the battery must be disconnected. With the battery disconnected, we still need power to run the brake lights, tail lights and the external braking unit. So, we have a wire from the coach going back to power these.

However, there was a problem with the lights and brake unit running on the long run wire from the coach. We kept getting a low power warning on the brake unit, which required us to stop and push a reset button on the brake unit. We solved this problem by putting the JNC660 unit on the floor next to the brake unit and powering it with the booster. Now, we can drive from MA to FL without a single brake fault light.”

North Grafton, MA

Editor’s Note: It’s great hearing from our customers and the many ways they put the jump starters to work in a wide variety of secondary applications to make their lives better or easier. This story from Steven is a great example. How are you using your Clore product? Click here to tell us your story – we’d love to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “JNC660 Makes the Road Trip Carefree”

  1. Did the same thing with a 2011 Ford Edge being towed behind the motorhome. I keep my unit with us all the time even in the new Explorer which gets it’s power from the motorhome; a professional set up this time.
    The 660 is a great product, I just hope it last.
    Anybody know the life expediency of the 660?

    1. Rich – Glad your JNC660 is serving you well. How long it lasts depends on many variables, such as how often it is used, how strenuously the unit is pushed in each starting event, the state of charge of the battery over the unit’s life and more. That said, it is common for our JNC660 to last 2-3 years in a professional environment and 3-5 years (sometimes much longer) for a personal use situation. Please see this month’s feature article for tips for keeping your jump starter in top condition and get the longest life from it. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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