Jump-N-Carry JNC660

JNC660 12 Volt 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter

Old Blue – Tried and True, Now with Automatic Charging

The Jump-N-Carry JNC660, 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter, is a favorite piece of equipment for automotive service garages, car dealerships, towing operations and busy fleet service facilities. The JNC660 packs a heavy-hitting 1700 Peak Amps (425 Cranking Amps) of starting power, provides numerous jumps per charge and now features auto recharging circuitry for hassle-free recharging. Its Clore PROFORMER battery is specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, enabling it to deliver exceptional power, jump after jump.

Its built-in automatic charger will never get lost and can provide continuous beneficial charging, so you can keep the unit in an “always-ready” state for immediate use. It features 46” heavy-duty #4 AWG welding cable leads and Industrial Grade clamps for efficient transfer of power to the disabled vehicle. Try it and see why it’s the choice of professionals the world around.

When it needs to start, count on Jump-N-Carry.


  1. scalona, vic says:

    Excellent product Buying this is a very good choice this is not a toy .

  2. sedit, h says:


    Professional quality with 4 gauge cables and ability to keep charge up while in repair vehicle.

    Over kill for general automotive service garages but has the extra kick when needed to heavier engines.

    Would like better clamp protection that cannot get lost.

  3. Joss, David says:

    I used this when we had a below zero cold spell here in Colorado. Amazing the power it had starting 6 vehicles for neighbors. Decided to recharge for next time and took no time at all to recharge. Beats having to jump vehicle to vehicle in tight spaces.

  4. Y, Steven says:

    JNC660 has never let me down. I work at a company with a large workforce and someone is always having battery trouble. The 660 comes to the rescue every time without fail. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who’s looking for a high power protable jump pack. The JNC660 can’t be beat dollar for dollar. You can buy cheaper packs but you can never count on them to perform the way this box does…hands down the best!!!!!!!

  5. Schultz, Tim says:

    I always take my Jump-N-Carry JNC660 camping with me to Yosemite. I have gotten up on a cold morning to a dead battery and the Jump-N-Carry starts it right up. I also, use it to blow up my air mattress with a DC air pump. The mattress is too large to fit through the tent opening when it’s inflated, so I inflate it right in the tent. I also, keep it in my tent to keep my cell phone charged at night. It’s great.

  6. I need an on-line owner’s manual for my JNC 660 12V Power Supply and Jump Starter.

    I mistakenly hooked it up to the wrong battery terminals ( neg on pos and pos on neg). Now it does not seem to work, even after re-charging. The gauge does not register. Perhaps an internal fuse blew or, I just fried the whole unit. ? .

    Please send me a link to the manual or offer you comments. Thanks,

    Bob Tenges, Owner

  7. jimohara says:

    Mr. Tenges,

    The manual for the JNC660 can be found at the following link:


    It is possible that the battery was shorted. I would suggest that you call our Tech Service line at 800.328.2921 (#2) to discuss the details with them.

    Thank you,

    Jim O’Hara

  8. jimohara says:

    Mr. Shultz,

    Sorry for the late reply. It’s great your JNC660 has served you so well. It is funny, I use mine for camping exactly the same. Much easier inflating the air mattress once it is in the tent.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Clore Automotive

  9. Scott says:

    Can I use the 660 to power a Cpap machine? My father has sleep apnea and some times the power goes out or we would like to go camping but there is no power were we go. We would need it to power his machine for about 6 hours max. I know it will jump my car without any problems. Just wondering about the 12V output. Thanks

  10. jimohara says:

    Yes, you could use it for that purpose and we have heard from others who have used it successfully for that purpose. If you are powering the machine from the 12V port on your JNC660, that port is limited to 12 amps DC. Our experience is that, with most models, you will get 6-10 hours of run time as long as the humidifier is turned off. The humidifier usually has a high rate of draw. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  11. ferna geer says:

    Is there a power inverter to use with the JNC660 so that I can inflate an electric aero bed for my camping trip? any recommendation? And is this what I need? Love this jumpstarter.. I have used it on my own truck and have also helped other people out…

  12. jimohara says:


    Glad the JNC660 is working so well for you. Many of the inflators taht come with air mattresses have 12VDC pump, so can be directly connected to your JNC660 through the 12V port. If yours only comes with an AC pump, you should be able to use a 400-500W inverter, such as our SOLAR Model No. PI5000X (http://www.cloreautomotive.com/sku.php?id=292), to power your pump. That should be plenty of power. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  13. Carlos says:


    What are the battery specs? Amp Hours, Watt Hours.

    Thank you

  14. jimohara says:

    Carlos – The JNC660 utilizes a high performance, 22 Amp Hour Clore PROFORMER battery. Please note that there is not a linear correlation between amp hours and jump starting power. Amp hours are an expression of a battery’s ability to deliver a certain amount of (low) output for a period of time. Cranking Amps are an expression of a battery’s ability to deliver the (high) current needed to start a vehicle. The JNC660’s battery is built to deliver starting power, first and foremost. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  15. LC says:

    I am looking to purchase this product or a similar one. This is my first choice since several professionals have recommended it to me. However, I am concerned that another website listed it as discontinued. I don’t want to purchase something I won’t be able to replace the battery or other accessories on when needed. If this is really being discontinued, what is the replacement model?

  16. jimohara says:

    LC – The JNC660 is a mainstay of our product offering and is not being discontinued. We expect to have it in our offering for a long time to come. Thanks, Jim with Clore Automotive

  17. Carl Cunningham says:

    Does the JNC660 have 4 gauge cables or 2 gauge? I’m seeing in one place, 4 and on cloreautomotive.com, it says 2.. To further complicate it, some of the pictures show a thicker cable than other pictures of the 660, on the same product page. And, someone in the comments here said 4 gauge. heh, wondering…?

  18. jimohara says:

    Carl – For several years now, the JNC660 has been built using 2 gauge cables. It used to be built with 4 gauge cables. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  19. Bob says:

    What does mean “Auto charge technology” on this jump starter?

  20. jimohara says:

    Bob – This means that the unit can remain connected to AC power indefinitely without adverse consequences. Older models (pre-2010) had a manual charging system, so care was needed not to overcharge the unit. With Auto Charge, when the unit reaches full charge, the charger will turn off until it is needed again. This also enables the unit to be compliant with all energy efficiency requirements. Thank you, Jim from Clore Automotive

  21. Dale Nieman says:


    The JNC660 was used by Pre Flight Parking in Phoenix Arizona in June, 2018 to jump start our Subaru. We bought one for our use in Arizona. We are keeping the JNC660 in our vehicle at all times. What can we do to manage the high storage temperatures we will have while the unit is stored in the vehicle. (Temperatures reach over 90F even at night June to August in Arizona.)


    Dale Nieman

  22. jimohara says:

    Dale – That is a tough situation. I wouldn’t worry too much about the unit being stored in the 90s. When temps get extremely hot (+110˚F), it would make sense to bring the jump starter indoors for a break when you can. Also, once the unit has cooled to room temperature, we’d recommend increasing the charge frequency when subjected to extreme heat or cold, such as your situation. I would suggest charging once per month, vs every 90 days, in those cases. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  23. Marshall says:

    I have an older red JNC660 (753-743-001) that I think was manufactured in 2009 or 2010. There is no mention of auto charge on the unit. I recently replaced the battery, but when I plug in the unit to charge the needle does not move at all. However, when I hold down the red button the needle moves to 100%. Do I have a problem?

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