“I got a LENEXA headlamp because I work nights doing inspections for a highway paving crew. I already had the Mantis and loved it. The Lenexa is great with the hand activated on-off. I don’t have to fumble with finding a button every time I want to turn it off.

With the different mounts I can swap it to my mountain bike helmet with no problem. I do wish it came with a way to mount to a hard hat. I had some clips already so it worked out easy. Overall I love it and remind my employer every day what we save on batteries!”

Kansas City, MO

2 thoughts on “LENEXA Lights the Way!”

  1. Absolutely my favorite tool. Because it mounts magnetically I adapted it to my welding helmet and it has solved my problem seeing to start an arc. ANYTIME I’m working in my garage I bring this headlamp.

    1. Bob – Thanks so much for your feedback. We are really glad that it has performed so well for you. It’s great that you were able to make it work with your welding helmet. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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