The days are getting shorter, with sunrise coming later and sunset arriving earlier and earlier. That makes this time of year a great time to add a light or two to your tool box. The LENEXA (Model No. LNC7250) from Light-N-Carry is a versatile action light that makes many tasks easier and complements your (probably) already extensive array of lighting options.

The LENEXA features three working modes, spot mode (200lm), flood mode (250lm) and dual mode, giving the operator the versatility to choose the mode that best suits each application. It features a hands-free option that enables the operator to turn it on and off with a wave of their hand, making it ideal for use when performing tasks with gloves on or other tasks where it is hard to get a free hand. It also incorporates our M-Lock magnetic mounting system, with a strong magnet situated in the rear of the unit. This allows it to be mounted on any ferrous metal surface, as well as allows it to be used with any of its three included accessories: head strap, belt clip or action mount.

The LENEXA utilizes a long lasting, removeable 18650 lithium battery that enables it to run for up to 4 hours in flood or spot mode on a single charge. It features an IP54 ingress protection rating to guard against dust and water, making it splash-proof, and features a 5 foot impact resistance rating. Its chemical resistant housing will stand up in tough garage environments. It includes a braided USB-A to microUSB cable for quick, easy recharging of its internal battery.

It comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty against defective parts or workmanship and includes our famous Repair Service Coupon. If, after the warranty period, your light fails for any reason, safely box it up and ship it to us with the original coupon and a check in the amount shown on the coupon. We repair it or replace it and ship it back to you. Easy – just the way you want it.

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2 thoughts on “Lighting Versatility from LNC”

  1. Can I charge my new JNC660 12 V power supply with my Solar Panels as used for camping? If so, do I do so by simply connecting to the red and black jumping cables and “reverse feeding” power back to the 660 unit? Thank you for your anticipated assistance.
    Steve Steinle

    1. Steve – Great question. There are several things that impact the correct answer to your question. First, what is the output of your solar array and is it connected to a charge controller? If if is connected to to a controller, next questions is what is the output from the controller? We would assume that you have an output for battery charging and that is what should be used in this case. But, you need to be sure that the output is regulated for AGM battery charging (the battery type in your JNC660). This means preventing charging voltages above 14.6VDC to reach your JNC660. If you can properly control your output, yes, connect your JNC660 leads to the battery charging output leads from your solar charge controller. Charging through the JNC660 leads provides a direct feed to the battery, so must be monitored carefully to avoid overcharging, the same as charging through the 12V outlet. Stop charging when the unit’s gauge indicates that its voltage has reached ~12.8-13.0V. We also suggest, when your trip is concluded and you again have access to AC power, charge your JNC660 overnight via AC power using the internal charger. This ensures a full, deep charge after use, which will help support long unit life. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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