We have introduced a new, high capacity Memory Saver, Model No. 1924, from SOLAR, designed to allow technicians to save computer settings, radio presets and more while vehicle batteries are changed. The new Memory Saver features a 7 amp hour internal battery, nearly double the capacity of most competing models. This enables it to outlast even the most difficult and time consuming battery replacement applications, with capacity to spare for the next job, reducing the need to recharge it as often.

Along with its expanded capacity, the new model boasts several features that bring improved convenience and peace of mind to memory saving applications. These include a master ON/OFF switch to prevent output when the unit is not in use, easy-to-read battery status and charging progress LED indicators, integrated OBDII cable on the unit side to eliminate accidental disconnections and a 12V power port to power accessories.

For smart, safe, lasting and reliable power for memory saving applications, look to Model No. 1924 from SOLAR.

To see the new Memory Saver, click here.







2 thoughts on “New High Capacity Memory Saver”

  1. Hey Guys, I’m always impressed with new products. But I must add that through your larger units, you can actually back feed your vehicles need for power to save all of your computer and other settings with the supplied 12v accessory power cable that comes with your jump box unit.
    I just had to replace my original battery in my 2013 Ram 1500 and did just that. I’ve also used it in other similar instances on my GMC truck as well. Just thought I’d mention that. Thanks for great products.

    1. Mr. Ellerson – Thanks for your comment. Yes, our larger units can serve this function, either using the included 12V Male-Male extension cord (ESA1) or using an optional Memory Saver Connector (ESA30). We introduced this new model Memory Saver for busy shops that did not want to tie up their jump starter when used as a memory saver. With a dedicated unit, some shops feel they can be more efficient. We are glad that your jump starter worked well for you as a memory saver. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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