Penn_JNC660_collage“I ordered this unit [JNC660], after a lot of online research, to have as a back up in case I left an electronic device hooked up by mistake while on vacation later this summer, for a backup while camping and as a winter backup. It shipped quickly and was charged and ready to go when I received it. This allowed me to play the hero about two hours later when my neighbor stopped over and asked for a jump after having left his lights on. Hookup of the unit was quick and simple. As soon as I hooked the JNC660 up, my neighbor, who was in a hurry, tried starting his engine right away. It started on the first crank! I couldn’t believe it was that simple and quick. I plugged the JNC660 back in and it was ready to go. Thanks Clore!”

Chris Long
Littlestown, PA

3 thoughts on “Out of the Box Payback”

  1. I left mine in my trunk for 2 months and one day as I was waiting for parking (nyc) the guy whose parking spot I was waiting for had his battery die! Immediately I bragged aboutt my new jump starter and within 1 min. his engine was up and running. 2 months in the trunk folks!

  2. Been spinning wrenches for many years, this unit stands alone for a jump on whatever you have….this tool has NEVER NEVER failed me….if looking to purchase a starting unit, save the hassle of shopping, just buy this and move on.

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