Clore Stories

Real life stories from customers solving problems with Clore Products.

JNC Powers More Than Jump Starts

“JNC660s are probably mostly used to start vehicles, but my need was different. My wife and I were planning a three-we

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Booster PAC Wows the Crowd

“In September 2014, my car battery died. I had good quality jumper cables in the trunk and managed to find a gentleman

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JNC Helps When it Matters the Most

Editor’s Note:  We hear often from single moms, for whom a jump starter brings improved safety and peace of mind. It

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JNC Makes Believers Out of Doubters

“I had a guy ask me if I could jump off a big international diesel moving truck he was in. He said he had cables. I wa

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Quick Tip to Solve a Big Problem

This is a quick one, but very worthwhile. Dave from Ohio alerts his fellow techs about a really weird phenomenon where a

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OE-Specified Voltage Environment for Reprogramming

When it comes to vehicle reprogramming, there is one constant, and that is the need for a stable voltage environment to

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