PL2140We wrote about our new PL2140 6/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer from SOLAR a few months ago. It is a great new item that is versatile enough to provide optimal service to a wide variety of battery sizes and types. It features our multi-stage PRO-LOGIX automatic charging logic and an enhanced maintenance mode for ideal long term storage charging. But its at this time of year that one feature on the PL2140 provides additional reassurance.

PL2140_Action8The Recovery Mode feature on the PL2140 puts you, the operator, in control of how the charger will react to power outages. With it set to ON, when power comes back on after an outage, the charger will resume charging based on the last charging parameters set. This way, if you cannot attend to your vehicle immediately after an outage, you can rest assured that the PL2140 is maintaining your battery in optimal condition for when it is needed next.

This is particularly important in cases where you are a long distance from the vehicle being charged. Recovery Mode eliminates the need to have someone check up on your vehicle to confirm that it is getting the charge it needs.

Powerful, Versatile, Smart… SOLAR.









4 thoughts on “Perfect for a Dark Stormy Night”

    1. Jose – Thanks for your question. We do not sell directly to users of our product, but work through distributors and dealers. Our products can be found from a wide variety of sources, including auto parts stores, mobile tool dealers, industrial tool houses and internet outlets. Virtually anywhere professional tools and equipment are sold. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. John – Thanks for your question. A blinking RM light means that power is interrupted while the charger is connected to a battery and was in active mode when AC was interrupted. Please check your power connection to ensure it is correct. If you confirm you have AC power to the unit, please call our Tech Line at 800-328-2921, option #2, to determine what else could be the issue. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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