tractor_620px“I have a John Deere 4300 tractor, which I work on about 40 acres. I was cleaning up limbs from some wind damage with the grapple rake on the loader. I stopped to do some groundwork when I tried to start the tractor. Nothing happened.

I was walking back to the tractor shed to get my ES5000 when my wife asked if I needed a ride in her battery powered golf cart. I accepted and we came back to the tractor. I removed the grill to get to the battery, connected the red clamp to the positive cable lug on the battery and the black clamp to a bolt on the tractor frame. I tried to start the engine and it snapped to. I kept the ES5000 with me.ES5000

I shut the tractor down again later and, you guessed it, no start. I redid the starting procedure again. It started, so back to the tractor shed to investigate. I found the positive lug to the positive pole had corrosion between the lug and the positive pole. I also checked and cleaned the negative lug and pole.

The John Deere 4300 starts great now. I’m grateful I have the Booster PAC ES5000.”

Kelso, WA

4 thoughts on “Perfect for Jump Starting a Deere”

  1. We’ve been using one of those on the farm for a long time now. I used to carry it with me to jump start an International 856 six cylinder tractor all the time until I finally got the batteries replaced.

    1. George – Thanks for letting us know. We’re glad your Booster PAC has served you well. They sure can save the day until a problem battery can be attended to. Thanks again, Jim from Clore

  2. Thank you mr clore, for my ES5000, it has saved me more times that I can remember, for my auto and marine use…please don’t stop making them, thank you…Matt Cook

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