CloreStory_650x400On a family vacation in our RV, we arrived at the Hershey Park Campground in bad weather and rushed to set up. I accidentally left my plug-in cooler running in my truck over night. In the morning, we got up early to go to the Park and the battery was dead.

With the sinking feeling that we were going to lose the better part of the morning, a campground maintenance vehicle came by to offer assistance. He pulled out a JNC660 they keep handy for various uses and in less than a minute our truck was running! I was impressed that that little thing can start a large engine easily. Two days later, we arrived home and I bought my own JNC660. Now, I leave my jumper cables in the garage and the JNC660 goes with us on trips.

Thanks for a great, reliable and affordable product.

Amesbury, MA

2 thoughts on “Saving the Family Vacation”

  1. Hi I own 2 jnc jump packs. The 660 and the 950 I call the 950 king cong. If you are looking for a real jumper go with the jnc . Or if you want a toy buy some other name. If you want the best JNC . For me. You won’t be sorry.

    1. Mr. Scalona,
      Thanks for your awesome comment – we’re glad they are doing so well for you. We might have to borrow your “King Cong” moniker for the 950. It is very appropriate.
      Thanks again,
      Clore Automotive

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