Peter and his JNC770R
“I had an inferior jump box and had left my lights on and needed a jump. Well, suffice to say, the inferior jump box couldn’t cut the mustard. So, I had to call good old AAA and a fine young gentleman came to my rescue with a jump box of the likes I had not seen before. It started my vehicle without hesitation. JNC770R jump starter

I said to the fine young gentleman ‘WHAT YA GOT THERE?’ He said it’s a Jump-N-Carry JNC660. I went home and ordered 2 JNC770s (one for me and one for the wife, of course). We love it and it has saved us and many random people over the years. I love the charge reminder, even though it never needs to be charged. Keep up the good quality and service. Next one will have the compressor.”

Spencerport, NY

4 thoughts on “What Ya Got There – It’s a JNC Jump Box”

  1. Same thing happened to me. My truck, which I drive infrequently, wouldn’t start in the dead of winter. Called for AAA service. Guy showed up and got the truck running. I asked what kind of jump pack is that…same answer, JNC 660. After that, purchased the JNC 770. I have signed on to get notification reminders when it is time to plug it in for a top off.

    1. Steve – Thanks for your comment. Glad that you learned of our products through a trusted source. Plus, of course, seeing the JNC660 in action so helps. We know that your JNC770 will serve you well. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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