Battery_with_terminalsA common problem in charging comes when you are faced with the task of charging a severely depleted battery. With some chargers, it is virtually impossible to get them to engage with a depleted battery. In other cases, if the charge is not properly controlled, a depleted battery can be charged too rapidly, resulting in damage to battery health. In all, it can be a dicey proposition if you don’t have the right equipment.PL2520

One of the key reasons why PRO-LOGIX battery chargers from SOLAR are so beneficial for batteries is the way they manage severely depleted batteries. First, there is no bottom threshold under which a PRO-LOGIX charger is unable to activate and charge. If a particular battery’s voltage is too low for the charger’s circuitry to sense its polarity, the operator can force the charger to start charging. In addition, if the charger is connected to a severely depleted battery, it will automatically shift into Soft Start mode until the battery’s state of charge has risen to a normal level. This protects the battery and safely brings its voltage back into the normal range. And, with its automatic sensing,
temperature compensation and advanced charging logic, each battery is properly
charged accordingly to its specific needs. Now that’s intelligent battery charging.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe… with SOLAR