The Perfect Wheel Charger for Today’s Busy Shop

The Christie Multi-Tech Service Bay Fast Charger (Model No. QMT) is a 6/12 Volt wheeled battery charger that can properly charge a wide variety of battery types, including Conventional, AGM, Spiral Wound and Gel Cell batteries. It provides quick service, with a maximum charge rate of 70 amps, and features multiple charge rates for each battery type. Wheeled and mobile, it is designed to quickly bring vehicle batteries back to full charge and also is capable of providing 250 amps of boost current to vehicles with “dead” batteries.

The QMT’s charging voltages for AGM and Gel Cell batteries are optimized to meet the specific needs of these batteries without damaging them, which can happen if a traditional charger is used to charge them. In addition, exclusive Spike Voltage Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection making charging and boosting safer for the operator and vehicle. Spike Voltage Protection prevents damage to vehicle computer electronic systems from charging voltage spikes/surges, while Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection prevents sparks from reverse connections, which can cause battery explosions.

Charge it right, every time. Christie QMT.