Part of my job as a police officer includes being responsible for a police impound yard. The cars we get range from abandoned on city streets to cars used in felony level crimes. Sometimes it takes years for criminal cases to be completed, and we end up keeping cars in secure storage for months on end. At some point, we sell the unclaimed cars at auction and need to get them cleaned up and started in order to be moved.

Of course, all these cars have dead batteries from being idle for so long, so we use our Booster PAC to start them. Some cars need to be cranked and cranked for extended periods just to get them going, and the Booster PAC has never failed us. We have dropped this booster, charged and discharged it many times over the three years we have owned it, and it’s still preforming well. (We used to use a cheapo brand that we purchased at a local home improvement store . . . that lasted about one day!)

You think we use it for just the impound lot? No. All the electronics, computers, and radios in police cars put batteries up to the test. Occasionally, something is left turned on inside the car, causing the battery to loose power over several hours. When it comes time for the car to start, the battery is dead. We keep this same Booster PAC in the police garage to start cars needed in an emergency when we don’t have time to connect a charger up to it.

But, our best test has been a Ford F-250 we keep outside in winters here in Minnesota. The battery was dead last week during a cold snap. The Booster PAC started the big V-8 engine even when the temperatures were below zero. I have nothing bad to say about these products. They work extremely well for us. THANKS.

Dave Clausen
Cottage Grove, Minnesota