PL3750SOLAR PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger Model PL3750 provides precise, reliable and versatile service for busy fleets, service facilities and dealerships. With multiple 24V charge rates, both automatic and manual 24V charge modes and the ability to properly charge all lead acid battery types, the PL3750 is a do-it-all charger in the service bay.

The PL3750 offers three 24V charging rates, 30A/15A/5A, allowing the operator to choose the best option for each battery serviced, whether small or large. It also provides two charging modes for comprehensive service: auto charge or manual charge. Auto charge mode utilizes an advanced, microprocessor-controlled process to deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced, regardless of size or type. Plus, its LCD display provides rich detail throughout the entire charging process for optimal operator feedback.

The PL3750 also provides 6 and 12 Volt charging charging operation and adds engine start function to those operating voltages. Whether your service operation is focused strictly on vehicles with 24 Volt systems or services a variety vehicles that utilize a mixture of operating voltages, the PL3750 is poised to become your new favorite tool.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe… with SOLAR