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Model Number: BA9

40-1200 CCA 12 Volt Digital Battery & System Tester

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the 40-1200 CCA capacity 12 Volt Digital Battery and System Tester from Clore Automotive punches above its weight. Compact and easy to use, this pint-sized powerhouse provides a simple, quick and accurate way to assess vehicle batteries and starting and charging systems.

The BA9 Battery and System Tester features an operating range of 4.5-16V and is optimized to test six distinct battery types. These include conventional flooded acid, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral wound gel cell, start-stop AGM and start-stop enhanced flooded batteries. In addition to testing batteries, this device can help get to the cause of the problem. It provides starting and charging system testing, offering quick assessment and providing a numerical result and a pass/fail determination.

The BA9 has a testing range of 40-1200 CCA, covering everything from power sport to Group 31 batteries. It is simple to use. Simply attach the leads to the battery terminals and the unit will power up. Then press “enter” and select the battery type and rating you want by toggling the arrows on the device. When the test is complete, the results will be displayed.

This tester features an LCD display that offers a high level of detail throughout the testing process. The bright LCD display has been optimized for improved viewing in bright sunlight and low-light conditions.

Here at Clore Automotive, we’re all about safety. As you would expect, this product comes with safety features like reverse polarity protection to avoid damage from reverse hookups and over-voltage protection when attached to a system with voltage exceeding 15V.

  • 4.5 to 16V operating range
  • 40 to 1200 CCA testing capacity
  • Tests multiple battery types
  • Tests to CCA, CA, DIN, EN, IEC standards
  • Bright LCD display
  • Small, portable, pocket-sized
  • Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Applicable Battery Voltages : 12 Volt
  • Applicable System Voltage : 12 Volt
  • Operating Voltage Range : 4.5-16V
  • Battery Types Tested : Flooded, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral, Gel Cell, Start-Stop AGM, Start-Stop Enhanced Flooded
  • Testing Capacity : 40-1200
  • Rating Systems : CCA, DIN, IEC, EN, CA(MCA)
  • Temperature Compensation : No
  • Display Type : LCD
  • Cable Length : 21″
  • Cable Termination : Clamps
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
  • Over-Voltage Protection : Yes
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
  • UPC : 010271024322