Volt Probe Accessory for BA427


Used in conjunction with the BA427, the BAA7 Volt Probe can be used to acquire voltage readings from components and wiring in the electrical system. To activation the Volt Probe, the operator selects it from the Configuration screen. The BA427 will then show voltage readings acquired from the probe on its display.

  • Optional accessory for the BA427
  • Extends the diagnostic capabilities of the tester
  • Plugs into the BA427, which then shows voltage readings on its display
  • Includes piercing probe tip and banana clip termination
  • Can also be used other electronic equipment, including most DMMs and scopes
  • Voltage Range : 0-30V
  • Warranty : 90 Day Limited
  • Weight : 0.2 lbs.
  • UPC : 010271025220