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Model Number: BAA8

Amp Clamp Accessory for BA427


Used in conjunction with the BA427, the BAA8 Amp Clamp can be used to acquire amperage readings from wiring within the electrical system. To activation the Amp Clamp, the operator selects it from the Configuration screen. The BA427 will then show amperage readings acquired from the amp clamp on its display.
  • Optional accessory for the BA427
  • 0-600 Amp range
  • Extends the diagnostic capabilities of the tester
  • Plugs into the BA427, which then shows amperage readings on its display
  • CAT-III/600V certified
  • Can also be used with other electronic equipment, including most DMMs and scopes

  • Amp Range : 0-600A
  • Certifications : CAT-III/600V
  • Warranty : 90 Day Limited
  • Weight : 0.8 lbs.
  • UPC : 010271025213

SOLAR BA427 Information Sheet

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 2 in