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Model Number: ES1240

ES Series – Replacement Battery for ES6000/ES8000/ES1224 (2 Batteries)

One of the many benefits of Booster PAC and Trcuk PAC jump starters is that you can replace the battery when it wears out due to age. This is our OEM replacement battery for our Truck PAC jump starter models ES6000 and ES1224. ES Series batteries are designed specifically for vehicle jump starting and will deliver professional performance time after time, with multiple jumps per charge and a long service life. Always use a genuine Truck PAC ES Series batteries for replacement to maintain peak performance.

This replacement ES Series battery (set of 2) includes all the hardware you will need for installation, as well as instructions.

Please note: The are many batteries sold as replacement batteries for our Booster PAC models. Not all batteries are created equal, even if they match in size. For dependable quality, it makes sense to go with the company that makes these jump starters, especially if you want to do it like the pros.  If you wish to experience Truck PAC performance, your jump starter needs to have ES Series batteries inside. It’s that simple.


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