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Model Number: JNC241

Charger Cord for JNC950/JNC1224

It’s smart to keep your portable jump starter fully charged at all times. That way, it will deliver full power and performance if you need a jump or want to give someone else a boost. Keeping your jump starter plugged into a wall outlet when you’re not on the road and don’t need it will help ensure it will come through for you when you really do.

If you have lost your two-pin power cord for your Clore JNC950, JNC1224 or JNCXFE jump starter or if the cord is damaged and no longer safe to use, no worries. The Model JNC241 Charger Cord for JNC950/JNC1224 Jump Starter from Clore Automotive is an OEM replacement power cord that will provide an exact fit and the right performance. Use it when recharging your JNC unit from an AC outlet.

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