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Model Number: JNC350

AC Extension Cord for JNC4000/JNC660/JNCAIR/JNC770R

The AC Extension Cord for Jump-N-Carry Starters from Clore Automotive is designed for Jump-N-Carry models including the JNC4000, JNC550A, JNC660, JNC770R, JNCAIR and the JNCXF. It will let you charge your jump starter easily and conveniently.

These are among the several Jump-N-Carry jump starter models that feature a built-in charger. The charging tines on these models exit the case to accept an extension cord connection.

This affordable extension cord is properly mated to fit the charger cavity, making it an ideal extension cord to use with your Jump-N-Carry. It will help make jump starting and charging smarter, safer, faster and more efficient.