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Model Number: LNCPOD

Quad Pod Adjustable Light Stand

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The Quad Pod is an accessory to our A/F/S (flood) lights. This stand provides exceptional stability, with its four legs and tubular steel construction, and is adjustable for height. In addition, it features a quick clamping claw attachment to allow fast, secure attachment of a single light or the included bar attachment, which can support 2-4 lights (depending on light size).

• Adjustable height from 40"-70"
• Four legs for stable positioning on most surfaces
• Includes claw attachment for single light mounting
• Includes bar attachment for multiple light mounting
• Suitable for mounting any light with magnetic mounts
• Sturdy construction with locking tabs for secure configuration

Maximum height : 70″
Minimum height : 40″
Claw capacity : 25mm-40mm
Primary pod material : Aluminum
Primary claw grip material : Rubber
Weight : 20 lbs
UPC : 010271026463

LNCPOD Operator’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 20.0 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 7 × 7 in