Model Number: PL5100

100/60/40/15/5/425A 12/24V Intelligent Wheeled Charger w/ Engine Start and Power Supply

The new PL5100, 12/24V Fleet Charger, is specifically designed to meet the challenges of servicing the multi-battery packs found in today’s Over-the-Road vehicles, implements and agricultural equipment. With a maximum charging rate of 100 amps, it is able to bring even heavily discharged multi-battery packs back to full charge quickly and safely.

On today’s tractor-trailers, it is not unusual to encounter battery packs at 80%, 70%, even 60% state of charge. With a 4-battery pack utilizing 150 AHr batteries, 60% state of charge means that a total of 240 amp hours need to be replenished to return the pack to full charge. In this instance, the 100A charging mode reduces your bulk charging time from 3.4 to 2.4 hours, a 30% improvement vs. a 70A charger. During a regularly scheduled service event, this time savings could mean the difference between getting the pack back to full charge or only partially recharging it.

Increasingly, electrical system repair and diagnosis requires the supply of steady power to maintain system voltage throughout the repair event. The PL5100 features a power supply mode that allows the operator to select a target voltage level for the vehicle’s system and the charger will supply current as needed to hold system voltage at the target level. This mode is supported for both 12V and 24V operation and allows the operator to select the desired voltage in 0.1V increments (13.3-14.9V, 100A in 12V mode; 27.2-29.9V, 30A in 24V mode).


  • Operating Voltage : 12/24V
  • Operating Mode : Automatic
  • 12V Charging Rates : 100/60/40/15/5A
  • 12V Engine Starting Assistance : 425A
  • 12V Power Supply Rate : Up to 100A
  • 24V Charging Rates : 30/15/5A
  • Approved for All Weather Use : Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
  • Battery Fault Detection : Yes
  • Soft Start Mode : Yes
  • Temperature Compensation : No
  • Output Cable Length : 72″
  • Output Cable Gauge : 2 AWG
  • AC Input Current Required : 30A
  • Weight : 88.2 lbs.
  • Warranty : Two Year Limited
  • UPC : 010271025152