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Charger w/ Small Jack for ES5000, ES6000 and ES1224

Wall charger for ES5000, ES6000 and ES1224 models (see details in specifications as to which versions of each are compatible with this charger). Combined with these jump starter models, this charger meets all current efficiency standards.

*Always use the appropriate charger with your jump starter. If your original charger is lost or damaged, it should be replaced with a new OE charger, which is specifically mated to your unit.  Use of an incompatible charger can damage the jump starter and can result in fire, property damage and personal injury.

ES Series – Replacement Battery for ES6000/ES8000/ES1224 (2 Batteries)

One of the many benefits of Booster PAC and Trcuk PAC jump starters is that you can replace the battery when it wears out due to age. This is our OEM replacement battery for our Truck PAC jump starter models ES6000 and ES1224. ES Series batteries are designed specifically for vehicle jump starting and will deliver professional performance time after time, with multiple jumps per charge and a long service life. Always use a genuine Truck PAC ES Series batteries for replacement to maintain peak performance.

This replacement ES Series battery (set of 2) includes all the hardware you will need for installation, as well as instructions.

Please note: The are many batteries sold as replacement batteries for our Booster PAC models. Not all batteries are created equal, even if they match in size. For dependable quality, it makes sense to go with the company that makes these jump starters, especially if you want to do it like the pros.  If you wish to experience Truck PAC performance, your jump starter needs to have ES Series batteries inside. It’s that simple.


Truck PAC 3000 Peak Amp 12/24 Volt Jump Starter

Easy-to-use and versatile, the ES1224 supplies jump-starting power to 12 Volt and 24 Volt vehicles. It switches from 12V to 24V operation with the turn of knob, all without sacrificing one bit of power. With 3000 peak 12 Volt amps and 1500 peak 24 Volt amps, the Truck PAC will get the job done.

Its dual ES Series batteries are designed specifically for the vehicle jump-starting application. They deliver high output current, extended cranking power, numerous jumps per charge and a long service life. This unit has more than enough power to start most cars, vans and SUVs as well as trucks, delivery vehicles, farm equipment and implements.

The ES1224 features automatic recharging, extra-long 60-inch cables and industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps for efficient power transfer to the vehicle. The clamps can also penetrate corroded battery terminals. The AWS Advanced Warning System alerts the operator to unsafe jump-starting conditions, such as reverse polarity or mismatched voltages.

A test switch and LED lights make it easy to ensure the unit is fully charged so it will be ready for use when you need it. Thanks to advanced circuitry, this jump starter can be continuously connected to the charger without danger of overcharging.

Most 12 Volt DC accessories with male DC plugs can be powered via the unit’s DC outlet. The outlet has automatic overload protection for peace of mind.

  • 3000 peak amps/750 cranking amps in 12V mode
  • 1500 peak amps/370 cranking amps in 24V mode
  • ES Series battery designed specifically for vehicle jump starting
  • Automatic recharging
  • Integrated voltage selection switch
  • LED battery status indicator
  • 60-inch #2 AWG cables
  • Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps
  • AWS Advanced Warning System
  • DC outlet to power 12-volt accessories
  • One-year limited warranty