Sometimes it helps to have the bully on your side.

On the construction site, on a logging road, in the freight yard with many deliveries to be made… these are the times you don’t want to be begging or cajoling an engine to turn over. This is when you need the brute force of a real persuader. And nothing persuades stubborn starting systems like the SOLAR HT1224 12/24V Commercial Jump Starter.

From extra-long 10’ heavy gauge 1/0 cables and high tension spring clamps to rugged cases and pneumatic wheels, the HT1224 incorporates the features that make a difference. With two Group 31 batteries, it delivers 1400 CCA in 12V mode and 800 CCA in 24V mode. An onboard automatic charger makes it easy to keep the HT1224 in an “always-ready” state. In fleet and H-D implement service, you often get just one chance to avoid a major downtime disruption. In those situations, smart techs call in the heavy artillery to do it right the first time.

Nothing delivers the clout like the SOLAR HT1224 12/24V Commercial Jump Starter.