When it comes to all-in-one units, often their biggest drawback is that they do not perform any one function well, leaving the operator to wonder why they needed it in the first place. Our new POWERLIGHT RESCUE  (Model No. LNC7480) by Light-N-Carry features a 12V Jump Starter, Work Light and Power Supply that breaks convention. It is a multifunction unit that provides exceptional service in all working modes.

12 Volt Jump Starter
Rated to deliver 400 amps of 12 Volt jump starting power, the POWERLIGHT RESCUE is capable of starting gasoline engines up to V6 size. Its powerful 12000mAh lithium battery delivers the speedy burst of power needed to start uncooperative vehicles, plus it boasts numerous safety features to make jump starting safer for the operator and the vehicle being started. Safety features include reverse polarity protection, feedback protection, over-voltage protection and shorted cell detection.

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Work Light and Then Some
The POWERLIGHT RESCUE features several lighting modes. The primary lighting mode is the work light mode, which is rated at 480 lumen. This is complemented by a red flare light mode with a flashing safety strobe option, which is particularly useful in roadside situations or any situation where a warning light is needed. The unit also features a focus beam mode when pinpoint lighting is needed. Because of its large battery capacity, the unit can run for up to 8 hours in work light mode.

Power Supply
The POWERLIGHT RESCUE also can function as a power supply. Similar to its other working modes, the power supply mode has several aspects to it. It functions as a USB power bank with 2 USB outlets, enabling it to charge a wide variety of small electronic devices. It also functions as a 12V 10A power supply, enabling it to be used to power 12V accessories or be used as a vehicle memory saver when a battery is replaced.

Additional Features
The unit also features IP54 ingress protection from dust/water, a magnetic base for easy mounting, a hang hook for convenient positioning, battery status display and weighs less than 2 pounds. It includes a wall charger that provides fast, easy and automatic recharging of the internal battery.

Light-Jump Starter-Power Bank (and more), the POWERLIGHT RESCUE is an all-in-one tool that delivers exceptional performance and extraordinary versatility. Whether you are a shop that needs a jump starter that go on road calls, a busy valet service that needs to be in a position to help your customers, or a vehicle owner looking for greater peace of mind for you and your family, the POWERLIGHT RESCUE is right for you.

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