Bring on the Power

The Booster PAC ES5000, 1500 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter, is an essential tool for busy automotive service facilities, vehicle dealership, auto auctions, towing service vehicles and body shops. The ES5000 packs a heavy-hitting 1500 Peak Amps (400 Cranking Amps) of starting power. Its ES Series battery is specifically designed for vehicle jump starting and enables it to deliver exceptional power, jump after jump.

Perfect for general service automotive repair facilities, vehicle dealerships, auto auctions, towing operations, body shops and more, this 12 Volt unit is as convenient as it is powerful. It features 43” heavy-duty #4 AWG welding cable leads and Industrial Grade Hot JawTM clamps to enable ideal unit placement during jump starting and transfer maximum power to the disabled vehicle. It also features automatic charging and LED indication of onboard battery status.

For professional jump starting, you can rely on Booster PAC.