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To Any Mechanic, Work Lights Prove Invaluable Every Day

To Any Mechanic, Work Lights Prove Invaluable Every Day

As a mechanic, work lights are tools of your trade. They are as indispensable as wrenches and socket sets. Indeed, you never really know just how important work lights are until you need one that you don’t have. Do not let that be a problem for you. Check out Clore Automotive’s selection of mechanic work lights.

We have work lights for under the hood and under the chassis. We have portable work lights you can take with you on service calls. From head lamps to flashlights and portable floodlights, Clore Automotive has your back.

Rechargeable LED Handheld Lights

For jobs relating to the engine compartment or the underside of the chassis, rechargeable LED handheld lights are ideal. Our Light-N-Carry handheld lights are all battery-operated units that can be carried around the garage with you. They are easily portable for remote service calls as well.

You undoubtedly use handheld lights for checking things as you move around a vehicle. A good handheld light illuminates hard-to-see spaces in the engine bay or underneath. How much would you miss without a good handheld light?

Headlamp Work Lights

Mechanics preferring hands free illumination will opt for a headlamp. This is a small LED lamp affixed to a frame worn on the head – like a hat. In the engine bay, the light moves with you. Whatever you are looking at is illuminated without you having to manually move and reposition the light.

Headlamp work lights are ideal for doing intricate work. They might not put off as much light as a stationary flood lamp, but that matters little when you are crawling around underneath a car parked in your garage.

Under Hood Lights

We have our specialty mechanic lights in the automotive tech industry. Among them is the under-hood light, a type of mechanic work light designed purposely to make illuminating the engine bay as easy as possible. An under-hood light is a hands-free light once positioned.

A good under-hood light has a long, flexible neck for easy positioning in tight spaces. There is typically a hook or magnets on one end. They make for easier mounting and fewer worries of the light falling and landing in an irretrievable location within the engine compartment.


The granddaddy of them all is the floodlight. Mechanics appreciate this particular light due to its ability to illuminate large areas with a single bulb. Floodlights can be either corded or battery-operated. Clore Automotive offers three different portable floodlights from Light-N-Carry. They come in 1000, 1500, and 4000 lumen models.

Floodlights can improve the overall lighting in your garage. When you go out on nighttime service calls, a few strategically placed floodlights improve safety by giving more than enough light to work.

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Seasoned mechanics know the importance of high-quality mechanic work lights. Good lighting is critical for the simple fact that you cannot fix what you can’t see. Trying to repair complicated cars, trucks, and SUVs is more difficult than it needs to be when you do not have adequate lighting.

As with all your automotive tech purchases, make sure your mechanic work lights are made by a trusted brand and built to last. You want tough and reliable products. Otherwise, you might find yourself replacing lights more frequently than you would like.

We offer a good selection of work lights from Light-N-Carry. From floodlights to head lamps and under-hood models, the right lighting makes your job much easier. Make sure your garage and service vehicles are equipped with adequate lighting at all times.

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