JNCXFThe Jump-N-Carry JNCXF is one of Clore’s USA-made high capacity 12 Volt jump starters. With the ability to deliver 770 Crank Assist Amps, this unit is ideal for a wide range of jump starting applications, including automotive, marine, fleet, industrial, construction, outdoor power equipment, heavy-duty equipment and more.

This USA-made product is proudly manufactured in the Clore Automotive Kansas City, MO Operations Center. It comes equipped with our X-Force battery, which features pure lead construction for extreme starting power, long shelf life, fast recharging and greatly reduced sulfation build-up between recharges. It delivers 770 Crank Assist Amps of starting power, enough to start all passenger vehicles and many boats, implements, agricultural equipment and fleet vehicles.

The JNCXF features extra-long 68” cable leads made of #4 AWG welding cable to reach the starting points of even the largest vehicles. It also features Industrial Grade Hot Jaw™ clamps, which penetrate corroded battery terminals (one of the most common problems faced) and provide maximum power transfer to the vehicle.  A built-in charger features automatic operation and allows the unit to be kept in an always-ready state for maximum convenience.

American Power For All Vehicles – The JNCXF