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Model Number: LNCBAR

ARM-BAR Magnetic Light Bar Mount

The ARM-BAR magnetic lighting bar mount by Light-N-Carry offers convenient mounting of Light-N-Carry work lights and A/F/S lights under the hood of any vehicle being serviced. Featuring expanding arms and articulating hooks with 360 degree adjustability, the ARM-BAR provides engine light coverage in a fully adjustable format. Rubberized hooks ensure that the vehicle’s finish doesn’t get scratched and its robust aluminum chassis holds up to the harshest of shop environments. Plus it can accommodate any light equipped with a magnet.

  • Aluminum chassis to keep its weight down
  • Steel center strip enables magnetic object to mount to it
  • Expanding arms allow it to mount any span from 52″ to 76″
  • Expanding arms pivot to allow it to be mounted in a variety of ways
  • Expanding arms rotate 360˚ for ideal positioning
  • Arm hooks are wrapped in rubber to avoid marring the vehicle’s surface
  • Rear magnets allow it to be mounted to any ferrous metal surface
  • Fully detachable, can be separated into two bars ends when necessary



  • Working modes:  Full span or separate halves
  • Expansion range:  52″ to 76″
  • Primary bar material:  Aluminum
  • Primary hook material: Rubber (jacket)
  • Detachable: Yes
  • Pivoting Hook: Yes
  • Rotating Hook: Yes
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs
  • UPC: 010271026753