Long Lasting Rechargeable Work Lights.

All models feature a 180˚ swivel design for easy adjustment and a powerful mounting magnet to provide stability wherever it is placed. Also, we’ve added a mounting hook and belt clip for ideal positioning and easy mobility. Each model features automatic charging and includes a wall charger with braided USB cable.

LNC1541 – 500 Max Lumen Rechargeable COB LED Work Light

LNC1841 – 800 Max Lumen Rechargeable COB LED Work Light

Light-N-Carry Work Light Video

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At Home or on the Road

Let A/F/S Lights Lead the Way

LNC2251 and LNC2551 are an ideal answer when it comes to the tasks of Area/Flood/Site light illumination. Both models include two batteries to extend their effective run time to 10 hours in the 1500 lm setting. Whether on a building site, in an industrial environment or in an automotive garage, Light-N-Carry A/F/S lighting solutions provide bright illumination, long run times and easy recharging. Portable, Powerful, Versatile – Light-N-Carry.

LNC2251 – 1500 Max Lumen Rechargeable Flood Light

LNC2551 – 4000 Max Lumen Rechargeable Flood Light

Light-N-Carry Flood Light Video

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Torch Lights that Just Don’t Quit

Light-N-Carry Torch Lights deliver a high intensity beam from their advanced LED light engines. Each model features a zoomable torch setting that allows the user to choose a broader or more focused area of illumination. Adjustment is quick and easy, with either a pull or twist of the light. All models feature a rugged aluminum housing for durability in even the harshest work environments, 5 ft. impact resistance rating and a 1 year warranty

LNC330 – 400 Max Lumen Rechargeable Torch Light

LNC375 – 750 Max Lumen Rechargeable Torch Light

Charging Base (LNC375 Only)

Two Lights in One (LNC330 Only)

Adjustable Focus