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Battery Management Made Easy

PRO-LOGIX makes battery maintenance safe, effective and hassle-free with these battery maintainers. They provide exceptional, extended charging capability for a wide variety of battery types, including lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. Their enhanced maintenance routine makes them less taxing and more effective and efficient for long charging routines. They include temperature compensation, effective charging of totally dead (0V) batteries and the ability to overcome power outages.


“I started working for a local guy in July 2016 that has a unique private car collection that includes some original and replica TV and movie cars (see list below). He has almost 30 different vehicles, along with original Batman costumes and others. Original props from shows and movies.

I maintain all the vehicles. None of them ran when I first started. I drained all the fuel, put fresh fuel in with Seafoam, and changed fuel filters. Some of the carburetors needed to be rebuilt. Several of the batteries needed to be replaced.

I installed Optima batteries in several vehicles and he bought several [PRO-LOGIX] PL4020 and a few PL2320 to keep the batteries charged. I installed a few switches in some of the vehicles to disconnect the batteries from the electrical system while charging.”

Dan – Keyport, NJ

Professional Review PL6100 12V Flashing Power Supply and Battery Charger

Charging and Maintaining the Intelligent Way.

PRO-LOGIX battery maintainers provide exceptional extended charging capability to a wide variety of battery types, including lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. With an enhanced maintenance routine that is less taxing and more beneficial for long charging routines, temperature compensation, effective charging of totally dead (0V) batteries and the ability to overcome power outages, PRO-LOGIX makes battery maintenance safe, effective and hassle-free.

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Charges A Wide Variety Of Battery Types

Charges Four Batteries Simultaneosly


Combining fully automatic operation and the ability to properly charge multiple battery types, the PRO-LOGIX PL3760 is the perfect charger to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s professional technician.

Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile, one charger does it all. From fast charging and battery repair to engine-starting assistance and stable power mode for system diagnosis, repair and programming, this charger will be your go-to source for problem-solving in your shop.

Because of its versatility, this charger can also save you money. With the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type, it is the only charger you will need. Use the PL3760 to charge flooded, AGM and spiral wound as well as marine and deep-cycle batteries efficiently, reliably and economically.

Easy mobility. Fast charging rates. Boost mode to assist with engine cranking. Ability to safely charge any lead acid battery. Multiple safety features, including reverse polarity protection.

CHARGE IT! wheel chargers do it all. They provide a solution for shops that need powerful charging that is also versatile and reliable.

Plus, their slimline design enables easy maneuvering in tight service bays and convenient storage when not in use.

Don’t let a dead battery leave you powerless. With CHARGE IT! products, you can keep everything in your garage charged up and ready for use. Big or small, summer or winter, no matter what type of lead acid battery it utilizes, your machinery will have plentiful power to start when you need it. With multiple charge rates and the ability to properly charge many battery types, CHARGE IT! is your go-to battery service tool for everything from motorcycles and jet skis to cars, trucks and SUVs.

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