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Product Spotlight

PL2112 - 1.0A Battery Charger / Maintainer

Like all PRO-LOGIX chargers, the PL2112 adapts its approach based on the needs of each battery it services. Such adaptations can include activating a soft start mode on deeply discharged batteries, a battery repair mode on older/distressed batteries and temperature compensation to properly manage battery maintenance in extreme temperatures.


Truck PAC for the Win!

“I have had my Truck PAC ES6000 for over three years and never has it disappointed me. So good, I just bought another one today, 04/25/2024. It came in today and I am so excited. I really do appreciate this product and I will freely recommend it to anyone who

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Powersports Heavy Hitter

“We run a powersports and car dealership and, if I had to guess, I would say we have had 50 plus jump starters of all kinds and sizes. They all promised to be the best, but we always had issues with low power, not holding charge, cables too chintzy… But

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JNC660 Impresses the Parts Manager

“As a parts manager at different car dealerships over the last 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to use many different types of jump boxes. Now I’m retired, but a few days ago, I went out to my car and it would not start. Seeing as I do not own

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BUS Connections Need Attention Too

Here’s an anti-long resource piece for you (fully halting our streak of long to longer resource articles). This one, from Andrew in Utah, is definitely the shortest one we’ve ever referenced. It’s also a good reminder. MOST bus connections (which can very from fiber optic connections to copper connections) are

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Simple Rules are Sometimes the Best

Breaking our streak of long resource pieces, here’s a quick, but very useful post from Jeff in Arizona. In it, he reminds everyone that disconnection procedures (order of operations) apply even when you’re not using a jump starter or charger. When disconnecting a vehicle battery, order of operations matters here

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