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Product Spotlight

OE-Specified Voltage Environment for Reprogramming

When it comes to vehicle reprogramming, there is one constant, and that is the need for a stable voltage environment to ensure a successful reprogramming event. No matter what your reprogramming tool of choice is, be it OE tool, aftermarket tool or pass-through device, each OE has a recommended target system voltage in which the event should take place. Not surprisingly, they tend to vary from make to make, and even can vary from model to model within one manufacturer.


JNC1224 Keeps Heavy-Duty Moving

“The JNC1224 is the go-to standard here at HOLT Cat – Caterpillar’s Authorized dealership serving 118 counties in South, Central, North and East Texas for the last 90 years. Anytime we need to jump start any of our machinery, from a large 992 Wheel Loader to one of our smallest

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Record JNC Longevity?

Ed. Note: We hear from many users who get extreme longevity from their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry units. It is not unheard of (though it certainly is not the norm) for users to report getting 8-12 years of service from their units. This story is the longest unit longevity we’ve

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GMC Sierra – No Start, Is it 1983?

We’re continuing our streak of longer (truck-related) resource articles referenced, but this one is a bit less convoluted, makes for an easier read and ends with a good outcome and a happy customer. But, like the others, it just might save you some serious time and a lot of headaches.

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A Complicated F-150 No Crank No Start

We seem to be on a roll with relatively lengthy case studies these days. But, just like the last one, we think you’ll find this one worth the read. It comes to us from Billy in Florida and involves the usual situation of having made several unsuccessful pit stops before

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