Product Spotlight

JNC345 Gets Next Gen Update

The JNC345 is an ideal shop tool, combining extreme jump starting power with numerous features that deliver utility, convenience and safety, including UL2743 safety certification, USB outlets to power small electronics, 12 Volt power supply capability and a high intensity LED work light.


Classic Car or Road Trip Rescuer – JNC660 Does it All

“I bought a JNC660 because my ‘54 Chevy Bel Air would not crank over when it was hot. It has a 350 engine with about 400 HP. I used it a couple of times. I replaced the ground cables with 1/0 cables. Now it starts well.  Then, we were loaded up to go on a 900 mile trip and the van would not start. We jump started it with the JNC660 and drove all day. The next morning, the van wouldn’t start again, so we jump started it again. We drove to our destination. Then we got a new battery.  I also jumped a guy’s truck on the way. I am really glad I bought it. Thank You.” Grady Roanoke, TX

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Record JNC Longevity?

Ed. Note: We hear from many users who get extreme longevity from their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry units. It is not unheard of (though it certainly is not the norm) for users to report getting 8-12 years of service from their units. This story is the longest unit longevity we’ve heard reported from the field, which is why, despite it being very short, we are spotlighting it. “Wanted to jump start my ‘56 Chevy and my 2003 JNC660 would not charge to the green area of DC Volts! 20 years of usage was awesome, so now, purchasing a new JNC660 with some upgraded features is a plus. Want to thank the company for making an excellent product!!!!” JackAnnville , PA

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JNC – A Real Bacon Saver

“As we planned our big move from the West Coast to the East Coast, by way of a 30 day camping road trip, I picked up a Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL, just as a precaution. Our car was 10 years old, the battery of unknown provenance, and we planned to use the 12V accessory plug to power a low-voltage refrigerator for most of the journey. As the journey progressed, I quickly noticed that our old battery was not up to the task of keeping the refrigerator running for long periods of time. With a combination of periodic running and ice blocks I was able to maintain operation until one fateful night. We were camping in a remote campsite near Glacier National Park. There was a cold snap overnight and that was enough to have the battery crank its last crank. In the morning, it was dead. The JNC jumped the car without issue. We had reservations for the Going-to-the-Sun Road, one of our most anticipated experiences of the trip, so rather than deal with the battery immediately, I put my faith in the JNC and headed into the park. That little pack jumped our car another 5 times through the day before

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