Clore Stories

Real life stories from customers solving problems with Clore Products.

BA9 Saves the Boat Trip

“As a longtime home enthusiast of cars, boats, motorcycles and any other motorized toy, I learned a long time ago to n

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JNC770R Makes Jump Starting Easier

“Two weeks ago, I was in the process of purchasing a home, accompanied by the real estate representative. When we arri

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What Ya Got There – It’s a JNC Jump Box

“I had an inferior jump box and had left my lights on and needed a jump. Well, suffice to say, the inferior jump box c

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JNC with the Quick Fix

“I run a sole proprietor locksmith business and I bought the JNC770B to power up batteries on customer cars. When you

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Resources / iATN

BMW Doesn’t Need a Costly New Part

This month’s pro resource is a quick one, but it just may save you a lot of hassle and your customer a lot of money. I

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F-150 Remote Start Issues and Battery Drain

We have another great electrical system mystery story for this month’s Pro Resource article, this time involving the m

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