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Product Spotlight

Testing Enhanced Flooded (EFB) Batteries

Vehicle batteries used to be quite simple. As recently as the late 1990s, there was essentially just one main battery type in the North American carpark, the flooded acid battery. Sure, there were variations, such as deep cycle and marine types, but the essential underlying technology was fairly standardized and the means of service for these batteries were reasonably straightforward. Jump to today and we literally have an alphabet soup of battery types found in North American vehicles, seemingly with new ones coming into use every year of two. One of the more recent entrants is the Enhanced Flooded (EFB) battery.


PRO-LOGIX Provides Reliable Power for Dealerships

“I’m a Diagnostic Specialist and Shop Foreman, heading up 20 technicians in the entire range of maintenance, diagnostic, and repair operations. With the advent of in-house software updates, the need has been seen for reliable power supplies. Before purchasing the PL6800, we were using a few basic fleet chargers until,

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Truck PAC for the Win!

“I have had my Truck PAC ES6000 for over three years and never has it disappointed me. So good, I just bought another one today, 04/25/2024. It came in today and I am so excited. I really do appreciate this product and I will freely recommend it to anyone who

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Powersports Heavy Hitter

“We run a powersports and car dealership and, if I had to guess, I would say we have had 50 plus jump starters of all kinds and sizes. They all promised to be the best, but we always had issues with low power, not holding charge, cables too chintzy… But

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Parasitic Drain Case Study

Photo Courtesy of Well, after two short ones, we’re back to a longish piece, but one that’s really worthwhile. In it, Robert from New York walks the reader through his diagnostic process in sorting out an excessive parasitic drain on a 2014 Cadillac CTS that resulted in a dead

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BUS Connections Need Attention Too

Here’s an anti-long resource piece for you (fully halting our streak of long to longer resource articles). This one, from Andrew in Utah, is definitely the shortest one we’ve ever referenced. It’s also a good reminder. MOST bus connections (which can very from fiber optic connections to copper connections) are

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Simple Rules are Sometimes the Best

Breaking our streak of long resource pieces, here’s a quick, but very useful post from Jeff in Arizona. In it, he reminds everyone that disconnection procedures (order of operations) apply even when you’re not using a jump starter or charger. When disconnecting a vehicle battery, order of operations matters here

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