Clore Stories

Real life stories from customers solving problems with Clore Products.

What Ya Got There – It’s a JNC Jump Box

“I had an inferior jump box and had left my lights on and needed a jump. Well, suffice to say, the inferior jump box c

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JNC with the Quick Fix

“I run a sole proprietor locksmith business and I bought the JNC770B to power up batteries on customer cars. When you

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Booster PAC Saves the RV Trip

“This Booster PAC [ES5000] has been one of the best purchases I have made. We were panicking when the slides wouldn

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JNC on the Farm and the Road

“I’ve owned the JNC660 for several years now. I’ve used it for the more or less classic application of jum

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Resources / iATN

The Case of the Finicky Flatbed

Here’s a diagnostic case study involving all the critical elements of a great electrical system who-done-it: vehicle s

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Amazing Reference for Techs and Shops

For this month’s resource piece, we are spotlighting the resources archive on Diagnostic Network ( The resou

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