Not Just Smart - Intelligent Charging

PRO-LOGIX Battery Chargers utilize an advanced multi-phase charging process to deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced, regardless of battery size or type. No guess work or mystery… if it is a lead-acid battery installed in a vehicle, it can be charged and charged right with PRO-LOGIX.

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Battery Testing

When diagnosing a starting system issue, it is important to pinpoint the exact source of the problem to avoid warranty/replacement of the wrong part, reduce vehicle comebacks and maintain customer satisfaction. BA Series testers provide the detailed data needed to make the right call. Put them in the hands of every tech in the shop and watch efficiency skyrocket.

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Commercial Starting

Our product offering spans all application needs, even the extreme power delivery and extended capabilities required when servicing heavy-duty implements, agricultural equipment and over-the-road fleets. In fleet and HD implement service, you often get just one chance to avoid a major downtime disruption. In those situations, smart techs call in the heavy artillery to do it right the first time. And nothing delivers the clout like SOLAR Commercial Starting Equipment.

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Ever reach for your jump starter only to find that its battery is depleted? Make sure it never happens again by signing up for free charge alerts. Alerts are not model-dependant and you don't have to own a Clore unit to benefit from this service.

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