Battery Testing in the Digital Age

When diagnosing a starting system issue, it is important to pinpoint the exact source of the problem to avoid replacement of the wrong part, reduce vehicle comebacks and maintain customer satisfaction. BA Series testers provide the detailed data needed to make the right call. Model No. BA9 is economical enough to be used as triage testers at busy repair facilities. Put it in the hands of every tech in the shop and watch efficiency skyrocket.

BA9 – 12 Volt Digital Battery and System Tester

BA427 – 12/24V Digital Battery and System Tester with integrated Printer

BA327 Video

In the Shop

In the Garage

When You Need to Rock it Old School, We Got You.

While digital testers are becoming more prevalent, there will always be a loyal fan base for the simplicity and efficiency of invasive load testers. SOLAR load testers are easy-to-use, easy-to-read, and can withstand any harsh shop environment.

1852 – 100 Amp, 6/12V
Battery Load Tester

1876 – 6/12/24V Carbon Pile
Battery Load Tester