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Model Number: PL3740

40/15/5/225A 12V Intelligent Wheel Charger with Engine Start

Model PL3740 delivers versatile service to today’s busy shops, from battery charging and engine starting to battery maintenance and power supply support for a variety of applications. It provides shops with the ability to manage a variety of lead acid battery types, including AGM batteries.

With charge rates to 40A, the PL3740 makes quick work of charging even the largest batteries. Plus, it has charge settings for Flooded and AGM/Spiral Wound batteries, ensuring each battery charged gets exactly the power it needs. Add in temperature compensation and our multi-phase charging process and the result is batteries with increased reserve capacity and longer service life.

Utilizing simple knob controls, the PL3740 is easy to use and intuitive. Simply set your desired function (Charge, Power Supply Mode, Engine Start) and your operational mode (charge duration or PS Mode goal voltage) and press START. It’s that easy. Plus, in charging function, it features both an AUTO charge setting as well as the more traditional timed (manual-style) settings, including 20 / 40 / 60 / 90 / 120 minute settings. LED indicators alert the operator to charging progress and the unit incorporates a range of safety features to make charging safe for the operator and the battery or vehicle being serviced.

• 12V operation
• 40/15/5A charge rates
• AUTO and HOLD charge modes
• Timed charge modes
• Properly charges Flooded, AGM, Spiral Wound, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries
• PS Mode at 3 preset values (13.4V, 13.7V, 14.1V)
• 225A Engine Start
• Analog knob controls
• Easy, intuitive interface
• Forced start mode allows servicing of totally dead (0.0V) batteries
• Reverse polarity protection
• Over-voltage protection
• Short circuit protection
• Ships fully assembled
• 2 Year Limited Warranty


• Operating Voltage : 12V
• Operating Mode : Auto / Hold / Timed
• 12V Charging Rates :  40/15/5A
• 12V Engine Start Rating : 225A
• 12V PS Mode : 0-40A; 13.4/13.7/14.1V
• Charges 0.0V Batteries : Yes
• Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
• Battery Fault Detection : Yes
• Battery Recondition Mode : Yes
• Soft Start Mode: Yes
• Temmperature Compensation : Yes
• Output Cable Length : 72″
• Output Cable gauge : 6 AWG
* Weight : 46.6 lbs.
• Warranty : 2 Year Limited
* UPC : 010271200832