New SOLAR PRO-LOGIX 12V Smart Battery Charger, Model No. PL2545

Clore Automotive introduces a new 12 Volt 20/10/2A Intelligent Battery Charger with Engine Start Assistance, Model No. PL2545, from SOLAR. Designed to provide continuous operation in a wide variety of professional/industrial battery service environments, the PL2545 combines fully automatic operation utilizing a proprietary multi-phase charging process with the ability to properly charge multiple battery types. Advanced charging logic, robust components, quick set-up and smart display feedback mean effective and efficient charging for your operation.

Model PL2545 is a perfect charger to meet the needs of mechanical repair shops, collision repair facilities, fleet operations, marinas, agricultural operations and consumers. Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile – one charger enables optimal battery management. With three charge rates, it can manage lead acid batteries of any size, from small powersport batteries up to Group 31 batteries.

The PL2545 is really three tools in one unit. It functions as an advanced automatic battery charger to bring depleted bat­teries to full charge so that they can be put back into service. It functions as an advanced automatic battery maintainer, conditioning and maintaining batteries in long term storage charging situations. It also provides engine starting assis­tance, quickly energizing a depleted battery so that the engine can be started.

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