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Model Number: 3001

3001 12V Commercial Jump Starter w/ Air Compressor

The 3001 is a commercial-grade, heavy duty jump starter designed to maximize space and deliver convenience in the shop, plus features the convenience of air delivery. It utilizes 5′ retractable jumper cable leads made of #2 gauge welding cable, a retractable AC input cord for hassle-free recharging and an automatic 7 amp charging system, all in an easy to maneuver, space-saving design. Its air delivery system allows the operator to set it to shut off at a predetermined fill level and can inflate a 16″ car tire in less than 4 minutes.

  • Jump starting based on battery installed
  • Requires Group 31 Battery (not included)
  • 150 PSI Air Compressor with Automatic Shut-off Switch
  • Hands-free clip-on air chuck
  • Automatic 7 Amp Battery Charger to recharge internal battery
  • Properly charges flooded or AGM installed batteries
  • 5′ Retractable Jumper Cable Leads
  • Retractable AC input cord
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Battery Charger :7 Amp Automatic
  • Battery Type :Group 31 (not included)
  • Jumper Cable Length :5′
  • Cable Gauge :#2
  • Tire Type :9″ Pneumatic Split Rim
  • Indicator Display :Gauge
  • Cold Cranking Amps – 12 Volt :Determined by Battery
  • Weight :82 lbs.
  • Warranty :1 Year Limited
  • UPC :747410000021