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The PRO-LOGIX PL2545 12V Battery Charger is the perfect battery service tool for busy service operations and home enthusiasts alike. It provides three critical functions for anyone wishing to effectively manage the vehicle batteries in their life:

1. Battery charger mode to quickly and safely bring batteries back to full charge.
2. Battery maintainer mode to provide long term service to batteries in seasonal storage.
3. Engine starter assist mode to overcome a depleted battery.

Battery Charging
The PL2545 is an ideal all-purpose charger, able to quickly and beneficially charge a wide variety of battery sizes and lead acid battery types. It can charge everything from small lawn tractor and powersport batteries to large pickup truck or tractor batteries. It has distinct charge routines for different lead acid batteries to ensure a proper charge every time and can properly charge Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Start-Stop, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries. It features automatic operation and can safely manage problem batteries, with special soft start and battery repair modes to overcome common battery issues.

Battery Maintenance
In addition to providing excellent battery charging, the PL2545 is also an excellent battery maintainer, keeping batteries in long term charging situations in optimal health. This is ideal for seasonal use vehicles, such as tractors, motorcycles, vintage cars, ATVs and personal watercraft. It features an enhanced maintenance mode to restore reserve capacity and reduce the chance of drying out a battery in seasonal storage.

Engine Start Assist
The PL2545 can also be used to help start a vehicle suffering from a depleted battery. Simply set the unit to Engine Start operation and it will send a boost charge into the battery to bring its capacity back to a normal level quickly and safely, so that the battery can again provide the power needed to get the vehicle started.

If you’re on the prowl for a versatile, safe and effective battery service All-Star, grab yourself a PL2545 and get to work on all of those batteries in your life. You’ll be glad you did. Click here to learn more.

Smart, Effective Battery Service – that’s PRO-LOGIX.

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