Bringing Convenience to Battery Removal

One of the inconveniences of removing a battery from a vehicle is the associated loss of vehicle codes and electronic presets, such as radio setting or power seat settings? This can create a large amount of inconvenience as you attempt to put the electronic genie back in the bottle.

But on today’s sophisticated vehicles, such inconvenience is only the tip of the iceberg. Battery disconnection, for service or replacement, can also cause the vehicle’s primary control electronics to reset, creating odd behavior upon restart.

The SOLAR Vehicle Memory Saver Connector, Model No. ESA30, can be used in conjunction with a jump starter to preserve vehicle codes and electronic presets while a vehicle’s battery is disconnected for maintenance or replacement. The ESA30 is an interface connector used to connect a jump starter to a vehicle’s OBDII port. Using it enables any jump starter with a 12 Volt power port to be used as a vehicle memory saver.

ESA30 – Battery Removal Made Easy.

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  1. I’m a certified & factory trained technician here at Toyota dealership (Georgia), and I used ES2500 Booster Pac to “Jump Start” a disable vehicle, and also used the ESA30 to preserve any electronic presets in the vehicle’s ECM when I disconnected the battery. By far, the Booster Pac is the best out there in terms of reliability (I had the unit for 4 years now), and I highly recommended this product to anyone that might be interested in buying a battery pack, and a memory saver cord.

  2. Is there any advantage to using this product (ESA30) rather than maintaining a charge to the electronic system by plugging the jump starter directly into the car’s cigarette lighter (with a male-to-male cigarette-lighter adapter such as Clore ESA1)?


  3. Tim,

    The primary advantage is that the OBDII connection is always live. On most late model vehicles, in cabin 12V outlets are off when the vehicle is off. As a result, the 12V outlet is a poor choice for vehicle memory saving, because to use it, the vehicle’s key cannot be in the off position. This creates safety issues when removing the battery, for instance, increasing the likelihood of arcing during disconnection.

    Please let me know if I can be of further help.


    Jim O’Hara
    Clore Automotive

    1. Matt – The JNC660 contains a 22 Amp Hour battery so, if used in a power supply application when fully charged, you would have 22 Amp Hours of reserve power. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Gordon – Yes. The 12V male plug has a 7.5A glass automotive fuse in it. Simply unscrew the tip of the plug to access the screw. Replacement screws should be readily available from most auto parts stores. Thank you, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Don – Thanks for your post / question. The length of the ESA30 is 60″. It has an LED on the 12V male end. This LED is an indicator of power, regardless of which end of the cord power comes from. Our recommended connection procedure is to connect to the vehicle OBDII port and confirm power, disconnect, connect to your power source to confirm power and then reconnect to the OBDII port. This way, you will have confirmed proper connectivity on both sides of the connection. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Jim – thanks for your question. The DC power supply should work as long as it has no interruptions and has minimal ripple. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  4. July 213th 2018.

    Hi Jim, just to be 100% sure and safe first, before I purchase your Clore ESA30 OBD product: I have a 2005 Toyota Prius 1.5L, a model which google online chat suggests has an especially sensitive ECU system.(?) Thanks. Rob. (exact model is : NW20R-AHEEBQ).

    1. Rob – I did a quick scan and it appears that the memory saver would be appropriate for your application. Used properly, it should not impact your vehicle electronics. Please remember that the battery cables, when using a memory saver, are live when you disconnect the battery. Care must be taken not to short them while removing the old battery. Also, make sure all accessories are off and you dome light is off – you do not want to have an excessive draw while the vehicle is dependent on the memory saver / jump starter for power. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

  5. hello,

    I bought a 2019 Hyundai and want to install a audio system.

    1) is this device compatible with Hyundai for keeping memory?


    2) its going to be a complex job, how long can I leave it plugged into a power source? I estimate I need 16 hours or so

    1. Sean – Do you plan to remove the primary battery during the system install? If so, the ESA30 should be able to be used to preserve vehicle presets and memory when used in conjunction with a jump starter equipped with a 12V port. I think a key question is, if you are removing the primary battery, should a memory saver be connected? Are you only disconnecting the primary battery to make new connections with your system install? Or, are you disconnecting the primary battery for safety or other reasons? If it is other reasons, including safety, you probably don’t want to introduce another battery (which is what a memory saver is, essentially) into the mix. Also, the jump starter you connect the ESA30 to would need to be very large to deliver power over 16 hours. Hope this helps! Jim from Clore Automotive

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