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SOLAR ESA30 OBDII Memory Saver Connector


Bringing Convenience to Battery Removal

One of the inconveniences of removing a battery from a vehicle is the associated loss of vehicle codes and electronic presets, such as radio setting or power seat settings? This can create a large amount of inconvenience as you attempt to put the electronic genie back in the bottle.

But on today’s sophisticated vehicles, such inconvenience is only the tip of the iceberg. Battery disconnection, for service or replacement, can also cause the vehicle’s primary control electronics to reset, creating odd behavior upon restart.

The SOLAR Vehicle Memory Saver Connector, Model No. ESA30, can be used in conjunction with a jump starter to preserve vehicle codes and electronic presets while a vehicle’s battery is disconnected for maintenance or replacement. The ESA30 is an interface connector used to connect a jump starter to a vehicle’s OBDII port. Using it enables any jump starter with a 12 Volt power port to be used as a vehicle memory saver.

ESA30 – Battery Removal Made Easy.

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